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Brand defines the company to distinguish it on the market, shows its advantages and protect from competition. Brand is the essence of the company’s image and visibility – that makes it a key success factor. Controlling both aspects simultaneously and inducing synergy between them, your company gains a huge advantage over those competitors who have not actively build their brand yet. Properly created brand acquires more orders with higher margins.

What benefits does your company get by having professional brand?

  • It will be quickly noticed by customers
  • It will be perceived as more credible
  • It will be easily distinguished from competition
  • It will quickly reach a wide target group

Brand is the essence of a company in customer’s eyes

Company’s name, slogan or logo – that we usually call the brand. In fact, it is also everything that comes to client’s mind when thinking about your company. The brand is a kind of mental shortcut which helps customers to remember their feelings in relation to the company and its products or services. Brand is also a promise of ambitious, precise direction that your company is heading to.

In BrandPRO you can use full spectrum of brand creation and promotion services which support your company in effective competing and rapid growth. In Branding tab you will find information about our approach and various stages of the branding process.

Creating a brand should be based on the coherent strategy directly responding to selected group of customers. If you want to build a solid foundation for your company’s success, we invite you to acquaint with our brand strategy offer. But if you want to immediately develop brand tools (name, slogan, colours, fonts, logo) take a look at the proposition below.

We create brand in 2 steps

Name & slogan

Name of the brand is the smallest but the most important marketing tool – presented in all promotion materials and actions. Together with a slogan which fulfills the name, distinguish a company in concise way and presents its advantage.

Logo & font

Strong brands are easily recognizable and memorable. With sophisticated set of visual brand tools your company will be able to enter confidently the market and attract customers’ attention. You will receive (with full copyright and source files in several formats) perfectly developed logo and set of fonts.

Good brand is a valuable asset for a company and individual specialist: it attracts attention with clear message and meaningful basis. This helps your company to be memorabe, get higher margins and grow faster.

Whether you want to create a new brand (branding) or change an existing brand (rebranding), we make sure that the whole process is simple, focused on customers’ needs and set on right goals. In BrandPRO we provide everything needed to build a distinctive brand.

Selected projects
Brand creation Effects miniPRO optiPRO maxiPRO
Language tools
Name Unique brand name country code TLD + .com domains + patent verification
Slogan Catchphrase enriching the brand name English + other language + patent verification
Number of propositions max. 8 max. 10 max. 15
Execution time 7 days 8 days 9 days
Price 450 € 600 € 750 €
Visual tools
Logo Logo with a visual identity book different formats + exemplary application + patent verification
Fonts Selection and purchase of fonts suitable for the brand 2 types 3 types + more
Number of proposition max. 6 max. 8 max. 10
Execution time 7 days 9 days 12 days
Price 500 € 650 € 800 €
Execution time app. 14 days app. 17 days app. 21 days
Package deal 900 € 1200 € 1450 €
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