Content creation
Writing, editing, proofreading and translation of marketing content.

Marketing content is the wind in your business sails. Copywriting gives companies and its brands the possibility to present a new value, to promote its expertise and to become more visible to a potential client. Traditional marketing communication in the form of website article, online publication or blog posts gives an explicit edge over the competition.

At BrandPRO we create content that will raise your brand in the eye of audience. We provide a wide range of publications and client, bloggers and journalist engagement.

Have you ever wondered how customers search for your products or services in an internet browsers? What key words do they type to find a proper offer? The purpose of content marketing is to create a text which will be easily found by every Internet user. How to achieve it? Put some thought and action into strategically planned and efficient copywriting – writing, editing and publication of website content, magazine articles, blog posts and advertorial copy which will catch the attention of your potential client.

Diversity is highly esteemed. Internet users and Google now it and that is why it promotes structurally diverse content. Today, integral part of content marketing, apart from its traditional forms, are articles, blog post, guides, presentations, sponsored text, forums and social media posts. What about you? While searching for information do you prefer to find row product specification or its full description containing application, effectiveness etc.

Content marketing is a huge chance for building an advantage over competition here and now. Currently, companies lack in writing specialists able to use an advance text function. An additional challenge for companies is finding a fine amount of time to regularly publish in magazines, websites and blogs.

How do we create content in BrandPRO?

For us, content marketing is a process during which we use all of our special resources. You obtain a complete product – substantive content based on proper knowledge, coherent with a style and image of your brand.

We start with marketing analysis

To deliver the best results to your brand, we will create the content containing suitable set of information appealing to certain group of people. For that reason the process of planning, writing, editing and publication is preceded by precise analysis (coordinated by Marketing Analysis team). The analysis provide us with knowledge about media channels used by your potential clients and information that they search for. Demand analysis in browsers and context analysis in search results, let us to evaluate an approximate increase in your brand website entries.

We write professional texts cut out for your needs, perfectly edited and visually optimized. We care about a moment, context and the final outcome for your brand.

We know how to make the most of a word.

Content prepared by BrandPRO invites your business circles to read it, engage in the topic, get to know your brand and make a desirable action. We use our journalistic experience, neurolinguistic and positioning knowledge to create unique content for the people that are in contact with your brand. This is the reason why, our clients publication are so popular.

The content start to attract client to your website

  • Internet browser optimised text will cause increase in number of entries to your website.
  • Adequate text lay out will increase the number of user who decide to read your offer, make a purchase or use a contact form.
  • Interesting and valuable text will increase the number of links leading to your website. The more links and quotes, the more your website is value for browsers, which will improve your position in search results.
  • Your texts will get to social media channels and forums showing the way to your websites to millions of user.

Services range:

  • Evaluation for content demand
  • Topic, form and place of publication recommendation
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Translations
  • Editorial support

Content types:

  • website content
  • blog posts
  • articles
  • manuals and guides
  • reports
  • mailing

Marketing content from BrandPRO

At BrandPRO we help you to prepare a communicate and give it an optimal, correct and intelligible form attractive for your target group. Our team of professional copywriters with journalistic and positioning experience, together with Visual Identification and Marketing Analysis team, provide everything, what is needed to create unique content. If you do not have resources to write and publish text inside your company, our experts will do it for you just after a short consultation.

What do your gain from working with BrandPRO?

  • We know how to transfer the demand for certain topic and type of content in the Internet into number of your website entries and offer inquiries
  • We estimate what effects you can expect from our action on marketing content
  • You are probably too busy to regularly create high quality text
  • You need great copywriters who know your brand
  • The benefits of cooperating with your company will be clearly and coherently presented to a potential client.
Packet miniPRO optiPRO maxiPRO
< 5 p.
< 15 p.
15 p. <
Advertorial text E-mail, leaflets, fliers, folders etc. 35 € 30 € 25 €
Promotional text Blogs, publications, product/service/company descriptions etc. 40 € 35 € 30 €
Analytical and rhetorical texts Reports, guides, speeches etc. 50 € 45 € 40 €
< 5 p.
< 15 p.
15 p. <
Advertorial texts E-mail, leaflets, fliers, folders etc. 35 € 30 € 25 €
Promotional texts Blogs, publications, product/service/company descriptions etc. 35 € 30 € 25 €
Analytical and rhetorical texts Reports, guides, speeches etc. 40 € 35 € 30 €
< 5 p.
< 15 p.
15 p. <
Advertorial texts E-mail, leaflets, fliers, folders etc. 25 € 20 € 17 €
Promotional textes Copy-editing service 20 € 15 € 10€
< 5 p.
< 15 p.
15 p.<
Standard English, German, French 40 € 35 € 30 €
Russian, Spanish etc. 50 € 45 € 40 €
Specialisted English, German, French 50 € 45 € 40 €
Russian, Spanish etc. 60 € 55 € 50 €

Additional info:
1. The prices concern settlement page which is 1600 marks with space.
2. Edition is a language, stylistic, substantive and SEO optimalization of the text.
3. Net prices.

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