Brand as a measure of success

Marketing activities increase the company’s chance to differentiate itself from the competition, build a stream of quotation requests, and what’s crucial, find out where the customers actually are. Apart from a constant cash flow, through stronger automatism, companies gain more time for the development in other areas. Successful companies know that to achieve certain goals, they have to start from analyzing the market and developing a good marketing plan. Companies which determine specific objectives and implement professional tools, accomplish much better and quicker result.

Working with BrandPRO gives you certainty that the reputation of your company and the way we reach selected group of customers are our experts’ priority. We run promotional campaigns, as well as implement a single solution adequate for your needs. We aim effectively at building extends reach, good brand reputation, precise access to the customer and as a result – increased sales performance of the company. Thanks to knowledge and information taken straight from market analysis and marketing plan you can count on strong support in achieving various promotional goals.

Marketing services
Analiza rynku
Market analysis provides facts and figures crucial for the success of every company. We examine the demand, customers’ needs, competitors, and reach and reputation of your brand.
Strona internetowa
Design and development of a website and its implementation based on CMS – Content Management System (WordPress/Drupal/Joomla) which enables simple, intuitive administration.
Pisanie tekstów
Substantive publications, blog posts, report and web content. Support in selection of the location and content. (SEO) marketing, text edition and proofreading.
Produkcja filmowa
Promotional and sales video production. We prepare video material from various occasions, speeches, interviews and events in the life of the company, which are worth immortalizing in the unique way.
Media społecznościowe
Setting up social media profiles and developing communities around the companies and their brands. The implementation of creative ideas to acquire and engage fans. BrandPRO runs profiles in top 10 social media channels.
Zarządzanie wizerunkiem
Building a brand and company owners and manager’s reputation. Content monitoring, legal protection and active creation of a desirable brand image.
Promocja internetowa
E-marketing activities focused on brand promotion on the Internet – increase of brand visibility and awareness, through the SEO of the web page, Google Maps business card, AdWords remarketing, mailing and others.


Hoping for a quick and visible results, you should prepare modern and progressive website, along with attractive content and publications. Secondly, to build a brand image and monitor its reputation you need social media profiles, which nowadays are an obligatory action.

Online advertising gives an opportunity to precisely identify potential customers and reach them with an individual message in a suitable form and time. The customer, on his part, will contact you much more willingly which will result in sales increase.

In order to invest in brand marketing effectively and to be able to measure the results, it is recommended to allocate funds in analysis and marketing plan before taking any other action. Being in possession of that information, you know exactly what, where, when and how to sell.

Thanks to marketing support process it is possible to control the effects and reduce costs. Adequately prepared website, profiles, content, and advertising will help you to build a professional image, acquire and retain customers.
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