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BrandPRO team builds eight branding experts with diverse, complementary competencies and broad industry experience. Projects are realized in 2-3 people teams coordinated by a project manager. We cooperate with experts from different counties, so we are able to complete various projects in different locations.

Izabela Muzyka

Content Manager

She became convinced about the power of words during an intensive languages learning and globetrotter expeditions around the world. While studying journalism, she found out how with a great lightness translate thoughts into words, and how to do it with pleasure. A well-established linguistic knowledge and an orientation to recipient needs, play a great role in developing marketing content for customers and BrandPRO blog. Working in media taught her that a good script is a foundation, which is why at BrandPRO she is responsible for video content.

She adores music and live performance, she monitores Polish culture joys good, contemporary literature.

Wojciech Olszewski

Interactive Manager

A fan of Swiss-style fonts, Scandinavian sense of aesthetics and bold, raw printing composition, where minimalistic form means more. Already in high school, he spent his pocket money on new fonts, and as a result today he has quite an impressive collection. He uses his unique visual sense creating brand identification systems. He also leads the work on website design, programming and administration. He gained his experience designing dozens of web pages in terms of usability and maximum functionality.

In his spare time he studies, visual identification books. He is the best companion for strategy games and alternative documentary movies sessions.

Karolina Gołaś

Reputation Manager

Her interests are focused around reputation management and its multifaceted impact on the brand marketing. In BrandPRO she develops brand reputation audits, protects the reputation of companies on the Internet and builds a context for positive whispering about the brand. In addition, she creates strategies on company community development and runs social media profiles. While working on the clients’ brand she is guided by experience and intuition – she has a nose for brand trading improvement on the Web.

She graduated from Business Communication. In her spare time she monitors global trends through the prism of branding and discusses them in the local context. After hours she keeps track on fashion shows and designs herself. She is an extreme water sports fan with a fondness for sharks.

Bartosz Hermann

Research Manager

Unflappable Marketing Management and Psychology in Management graduate. In BrandPRO involved in marketing analyses – draws conclusions and suggests the right path for business development on the Internet. He looks at the data from different perspectives, draws attention to the smallest details and provides customer, a reliable, research-based recommendations for his company and the brand. Perfectionist, whose observation skills and analytical thinking perfectly correspond to the requirements of working in the field of market analysis.

After work focuses his interests on Polish football clubs marketing. Active leisure enthusiast – he runs, swims and rides a bike.

Szymon Laszewicz

E-marketing Manager

E-marketer looking at the reality with an analytical and strategic eye. He uses the Internet as a source of information about the market, customers, trends, brands and its competitors, on that basis he builds strategies and plans for brand promotion. He is a social media enthusiast motivating clients to use them in order to optimize company processes. He specializes in legal issues related to marketing and advertising. He uses his legal education in the brand image protection and trademark registration implementation.

After work he chooses history books, sometimes plays football or with a critical eye, watches how others do it.

Wojciech Pasterski

Strategy Director

BrandPRO founder and spiritus movens of company’s development. He believes that the brand is an apple of the marketing eye. He promotes branding in Poland – a marketing focused on a brand. Through building an awareness of brand influence on business, he directs companies to more efficient, new and faster tracks.

As a part of the authorial branding methodology he uses broad psychology, neurolinguistics, axiology, IT solutions and AI knowledge. He specializes in developing brand strategy and key elements web design.

In his private life he plans or travels to the most amazing places on Earth. He is interested in the history of civilization, geopolitics and resource economics.





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