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Design and development of effective websites.

Entrepreneurs and managers who decide about rebuilding or creating company’s website, often have a vague idea of ​​its desirable functionality and visual appearance. On the other hand, they have an invaluable personal experience when using third-party sites. Basing their knowledge on articles in a business press, as well as through monitoring other companies’ websites, entrepreneurs realize the opportunities that a well developed website can provide. Working with BrandPRO allows managers to build a website that will create desirable brand image and support their sales.

Just 0.2 second is enough for your customers to generate an impression of your company’s website, which indirectly reflects the image of the company and its owners. Stanford University study has shown that 47% of buyers makes decisions based on the website alone. Creating a website is a demanding challenge, but its well worth the investment of time and resources.

A professional website is:

  • A great place to present the company and its services
  • A diverse and appealing product presentation
  • An ability to interact with customers and recognize their reactions
  • A greater credibility and consumers’ confidence in the brand
  • A significant source for brand’s reach
  • A platform to build relationships with existing customers
  • A publishing platform for your company
  • An enhancement of daily administration
How do we approach websites design and programming?

Working with BrandPRO provides you with solutions haveing a strong impact on the development of your business. Designing and programming websites that affect most important functions of the business, is a key competence and priority of our company.

In order for website of your company to have a desirable impact on your customers’ decisions, your website should be perfectly designed and programmed. This allows website to load quickly and build an interest of customers at first sight.

Planning of your website with BrandPRO is based on the most recent studies on user experience and web usability. The analytical basis consists of website traffic observations, search results context study and an overview of competitiors websites. In order to implement reached assumptions we use top graphics and software solutions. Website can be build on popular CMS (content management system) like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, as well as on other unique solutions.

Implementation and first steps on the new website

Our goal is to create an effective website capable of attracting users and converting them into your clients.

You gain an access to an easily editable content through an intuitive visual editor. On request, we conduct workshops, during which your employees can learn insights on optimization of your website.

Implementation of the service is very often connected with the publication of the first articles on the website. Articles which are interesting, up-to-date and ‘Google friendly’ will be the main resource for the search engine optimization of your website, especially in the battle for first place in the search results, which reflects the reach and popularity of your brand.

Installed on a fast and secure servers of LH.pl company, your company’s website is provided with administrative support for several weeks.

At the end, your website may be preceded by independent tests carried out by experts from a specialized company.

Our projects
Compare our tailored package offer


We work for individual professionals, small family businesses, large domestic enterprises and foreign corporations. Through implementation of an effective websites we accomplish various business objectives of our clients. We have developed package offer, which best suits your company depending on a characteristic of your business and goals of your website. If you have not yet defined your expectations towards the website, packages we offer are a good starting point to discuss your business needs with our expert. We can design a website from scratch, change your current one, or execute smaller projects (such as supplying software for graphics or developing of the graphic design itself). Furthermore, we provide high quality administrative support for your website.

Packets miniPRO optiPRO maxiPRO
Audit of an existing website
Analysis of competitors’ websites 5 10 15
Keywords analysis for the website up to 50 up to 100 up to 150
Content themes
Type and character of content
Defining website’s goals
Selecting website’s functionalities
Defining content and website’s model
Defining visual concept 2 2 2
Creating unique subpages up to 4 up to 8 up to 10
Creating other subpages up to 2 up to 3 up to 4
Preparing visual animation up to 2 up to 3 up to 4
Programming projects according to specificaton
Implementation of Content Management System (CMS)
Installing Google Analytics module Standard Standard Goals configuration
Optimization of website’s code for SEO Standard Upgraded Expert
Social Media integration Standard Upgraded Expert
Import of content from the old website
Editing older written content look: Publications look: Publications look: Publications
New content creation look: Publications look: Publications look: Publications
Content input according to website’s specification
Input od additional elements
Server space 1000 GB transfer 3000 GB transfer 5000 GB transfer
Registering the domain on request
Installing and setup of the website
CMS administration training
Administrative support (programming) 4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks
Execution ime up to 4 weeks up to 6 weeks up to 8 weeks
Packet price (net) 1500 € 2350 € 3000€

What can you expect as the result of our work?

  • Unique first impression
  • Full professionalism and adjustment to your needs
  • An increase in your website’s traffic up to several hundred percent
  • Increase of your brand’s reach
  • Generating more inquiries through the website
  • Immediate improvement of the brand’s image
  • Recommendations regarding management of traffic analytics
  • Centering your e-marketing around your website
  • Opportunity to experiment with your offer and its promotion
  • Chance to engage with the blogs and websites from your field
  • Increased interest in recruitment among potential candidates
  • Reliability, security, and representing the company 24/7/365
At BrandPRO you will receive support
related to every possible aspect of your website.
We implement new websites and rework old ones,
we implement them in full capacity
or take responsibility for certain parts
of the project (e.g. graphics or programming).
In addition, we test websites, optimize them,
as well as secure and administer your online presence.
Contact us and
get an offer tailored
to your needs.
Wojciech Pasterski
+48 505 445 955
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