Website is like a city. Without promotion (positioning) only few people will visit it, without appropriate arrangement (functionality) and easily passable streets (optimalisation), guests will feel uncomfortable in the city and they will leave. How to administer your website so it will be functioning like a well-managed city and be sure it encourage visitors to stay longer? Constantly optimalise it!

So not to waste time and money and reach certain goals, one has to prepare the website perfectly and plan its functionality in order to provide what’s most important for the target group. If you don’t have your own website, the best is yet to come – you can plan visual, functional and technological aspect from scratch. If you already have the website and you presume that there are things that can be improved, consider professional website audit, which will present what to work on so your webpage meet the highest standards.

Functionality audit

To fully understand current behaviours of website users, it is crutial to analise clicked elements and discover the paths used by visitors. Thanks to that, you will know how to persuade the user to go deeper into the website structure and how to improve conversion of certain goals.

As an owner or administrator of any kind of website (blog, shop, company webpage, portfolio) you want it to fulfill its function::

  • sale — taking the visitor across a variety of your products or services, through selection to the final transaction,
  • information — delivering precise information about your company,
  • contact — obtaining new contacts and encouraging the visitor to contact outside the website or enabling contact with the company via website – ex. online chats.

Execute a functional audit and check, how the users behave on your website and see, what you should improve to make them find the way to the most important web page section.

Efficiency audit

Because of ambler code, photos conversion stage reduction and their increasing resolution web pages are loading much longer than just several years ago.

Aberdeen Group study shows that every second of website loading anticipation decreases the number of views to 11%, causes conversion drop to 7% and client satisfaction to 16%.

Website loading time and visitor resignation rate.

Every Kb downloaded by the user has an influence on the loading time of your website. Try to avoid the situation, when the badly configurated server will cost you loosing clients.

Average website weight in recent years.

Safety audit

The owners of small and medium size websites usually don’t pay attention to the safety of their web page. Recently, several big companies like Mensa, Warsaw Stock Exchange and even Avast (antivirus programme producer) Stock were struggling with the effects of hacker’s attacks.

From the database of the mentioned companies leaked customers, providers, and partners data or website content was repleced with pornography. According to Neustar Inc. this type of problems caused customers anxiety – 31% of users is afraid to reveal their personal data for the sake of safety.

To avoid this kind of situation, accurate protection in case of hack attack or data leak is indispensable. A thorough website safety audit will point out gaps, which can be used to take control over the web page.

Take a look at: Company website that moves with the times.




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