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Professional advertising video is now within reach of every company. Get into the hottest marketing trend and give your audience what it is waiting for. Companies and individual experts have been producing their videos for a long time, but only since a few years video marketing is making an outstanding career as branding tool. Videos attract attention, transmit messages on many levels, are memorable and more often shared than any other type of content.

If you have not tried the video marketing in your business yet, you may lose a big chance to show the best side of your company. According to most studies approx. 65% of decision makers in companies use videos to support their business decisions. It is worth to give them a chance to meet competitive advantages of your company, its spirit, values, people and services. By using stronger and more effective message than a traditional folder or e-mailing, you increase sales and profitability of orders.

In the era of new media and image domination video marketing is the most popular kind of promotion. Original and professionally produced video has a very positive influence on your brand reputation.

10 benefits of advertising video

  • It is a well-liked form of marketing
  • It attracts attention
  • It entertains, teaches and inspires
  • It is a field for creativity
  • It allows you to easily distinguish from competition
  • It is willingly shared
  • It is attractive to search engines
  • It is ideal for mobile marketing

Try this out!

Video marketing helps you to achieve various business objectives. Refer to the following videos from around the world and consider which could contribute most to the swift implementation of your business ambitions.


2-3-minute long, interesting and engaging presentation of your company. It presents the uniqueness of the offer and in an attractive way explains why customers choose exactly this company.


It focuses on the answers to two questions: how and why the company does what it does? Frames, consistent with the music and voice, communicate values and approach towards customers. A good and proffesional video enables customers to feel “heartbeat” of the company.


Only moments can determine changes in customers, business partners and employees attitude. Be sure that these moments are remembered, because they are an important element of building a unique image of a company and its brands.


Recruiting in a modern way and making a video out of it, you send a clear and unambiguous signal to potential employees – we are on time and we want to find the right person.


It tells the story of the success of your company involvement in a particular project. Such material helps potential customers to see how entities which worked with your company made use of your services.


When recording something you described in an article yesterday, you make your content more engaging for your audience. It’s a great way to distribute your marketing message through social media.


Animation gives you much more room for maneuver. Any aspect of your business can be presented in many ways. Say stop to limits and let your imagination free. You can do much more, so we are waiting impatiently for your inspirations.


If you want to show values of your services, appeal to people’s emotions and allow the viewer to feel the benefits from using you service or product – do the video advertisemnt. Properly selected scenes with the music will get to the audience perception.


We described only some of a wide spectrum of videos that meet the needs of companies. Video is a flexible medium, so if you can imagine something, we can probably make a video out of it for you.

How do we evaluate the cost of a video?

We take 3 major factors into account:

1. Time

The more time will be dedicated to creating the script, site selection, pre-production, recording, the better the final effect. Adding more professionals to the video team, we increase a time budget, which directly influenceso on the potential of a video.

2. Talent

We may involve extras, amateur actors or professional theater actors. The scale of their talent determines the final budget and is one of the most important factors of quality and success of the created video.

3. Tools

You can make a video using your smart phone. You can also use a modern camera, high-quality lighting and advanced programs for post-production. Tools and experienced specialists have a huge influence on budget.


We give you resources, which will take you to the next, higher level of marketing. Wherever you need it: on the webpage, blog or social media profiles, we will give you tools to show your company in an interesting, distinctive way.

Backstage happy end

It doesn’t matter what kind of video you want to show in your business environment. All you need are specific resources to do it well. Working with us you are guided through every step of video production. It depends on you, whether you want to get involved personally or just see the effects.

  • Scenario
  • Frames scheme
  • Art concept
  • Filming
  • Post-production
  • Publication
PAKIET miniPRO optiPRO maxiPRO
Video prodution Information
Interview General video assumptions
Recording Video-making
Montage Video processing
Postproduction Graphics/motion design/timelapse
Soundtrack Music matching
Scenography Finding/ Preparation of the localization
Concept Concept creation/ development
Scenario Script creation
Photosession organisation Production support
Extras Extras hiring
Lector Lector hiring
Trening Training on how to behave in front of the camera
Execution time 7 days 9 days 12 days
Packet price 500 – 1000 € 1000 – 1900 € 1900 – 3000€
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