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Companies and business professionals have to face the same challenge – they look for a solution that will distinguish the brand on the market and make it easily understand and desirable by customers, Meanwhile, customers want to have measurable benefits from cooperating with the brand. They want to know, how services are performed, how products and customer service work. When they buy, they want to feel that this is a rational choice.To achieve success on the market and outdistance competition, you have to meet the specific needs of your customers, creating a brand defined by certain values and attitude. Appropriately designed and implemented brand guaranties client’s conviction to service or product and has a crucial influence on efficient sales process. The time you save on the noneffective attempt in creation can be used to develop your business and derive key benefits from it. creat brands to:

  • improve credibility on the market
  • present the unique character
  • distinguish from competitors
  • anjust to new strategy
  • obtain well-qualified employees
  • fall in customer’s memory for a long time
  • develop dinamically

Branding is a process of creating a brand and building its recognition and desirable image.Rebranding is a change in current brand image for more desirable one and better perceived by a select group of customers.According to the specific needs the process of branding or rebranding can be implemented based on market analysis and strategy or through the implementation of the significant elements of the brand. The most important: a name and a logo build the essence of the brand strategy – are present in all marketing messages and fall in the client’s memory for a long time. Further steps on a way towards professional brand we take care of its visual identity, website with attractive content and social media profiles.

BrandPRO creates effective and unique brands in 3 individual but related steps:: 

Strategia marki

Brand strategy

Creating a brand strategy document which presents a coherent, interconnected set of key brand aspects influencing its positioning and image in client’s eyes.

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Kreacja marki

Brand creation

Creation of a new brand or change of the existing one. The name, slogan, logo, colours, fonts and brand message are based on the strategy. All consistent with the objectives, needs and values of the company and its customers.

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Identyfikacja wizualna

Visual identification

Corporate identity design: business cards, flyers, brochures and banners, presentations, and other graphic materials, that work for the brand 27/7.

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Effective branding requires more than creativity and strategic brilliance. Therefore, in the process of brand creation and promotion, we combine business, marketing, design, web analytics, neurolinguistics and social psychology experience with knowledge of the client’s industry. BrandPRO team cooperates closely with companies (hosting, SEO, tests) and external experts: artists, journalists, photographers, and experts of intellectual property rights. Thanks to our resources we provide branding and rebranding services at a very high, professional and functional level.

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