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Traditional forms of marketing communication seem to be like fireworks – a message is created for a specific group of people who can admire it only for a moment and at a great expense. Social media profiles are more like fireplaces, which by creating a cozy atmosphere, will attract many. The challenge is to allocate the fire in a right place and take care of long lasting sparks. This is the foundation for building sustainable and active relationship around the brand.

It is crucial to engage others in order to expand the brand awareness and gain wide reach for services. People concentrated around common values and goals, navigated to the right direction will become observers of the brand. Using the tools available in social media and marketing experts’ support, you can make them fans of your brand, involved in the processes of promotion, sales, services, or recruitment.

Benefits from running Social Media profiles

  • Establishing important, valuable and long-term business connections and relations
  • Individual, direct contact with customers in specialist group
  • Countless ways of interaction – competitions, quizzes, discussions
  • Building an expert reputation through professional publications and valuable content
  • Favorable content positioning
  • Ability to pre-interview for a new client, colleague, or competitor
  • Help in recruiting new employees

Fast and multidirectional development of
social media
provides many
tools to open up new
channels to reach more customers.Take a look at the examples of our activities in Social Media

The most important Social Media channels operated by BrandPRO

profile allows you to reduce the distance between the company and the potential customer. To put your company in a positive light and influence its reputation we focus on content publication, contests and interaction with profile fans.

The most popular video-sharing website. Creation of the company’s TV channel will make your video content more visible for a wide audience.

Enables direct contact with representatives of selected industry, increases the chances of getting noticed and appreciated by potential customers.

Great tool for thematic panels creation, where brand can publish and share photos, graphics and videos. It is mostly a place to seek inspiration and creative solutions.

Professional social networking site designed specifically for the business community.
The best place to establish business relationships, exchange experiences, build the expert reputation and recruit new employees.

Online platform that allows users to upload and share PowerPoint presentations, reports, analyses, documents and infographic. Great place to share your knowledge and experience.

Enables clear content presentation and its good positioning. Google + has tools useful in brand communicating, including: community, events, places.

Mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter etc.Trust BrandPRO team and join companies building communities around their brands.

How to bulid a social network with BrandPRO?

We know how to select an appropriate set of tools which guarantees valuable benefits from your social media profile. Taking into consideration the directions and goals of your company, we create a coherent social media strategy. We define the target group, select the correct channel or set of social channels. Then we research and create valuable content and promote it in order to reach the widest audience possible. We monitor undertaken activities and interpret the data (transfering conclusions into actions). Our consultant is constantly in touch with you and coordinates actions providing you results of our work. Consultant is responsible for achieving the objectives set by BrandPRO team and is ready to adapt to the changing buisiness situation.

Stages of creation and development of communities around your company:

  • Analysis and selection of tools compatible with the specifics of the industry
  • Establishment of an expert profile on selected social media channels
  • Design and implementation of graphic design
  • Coherent strategy development of the profile, and monthly schedules of activity
  • Daily creation of content, publication and promotion
  • Setting up advertising campaigns
  • Building interaction with users
  • Organizing contests and quizzes for users
  • Applications implementation to enhance the functionality of the profile
  • Extensive analysis and comprehensive reporting on traffic and profile activity
SOCIAL MEDIA – startminiPROoptiPROmaxiPRO
Audit of industry activity on Social Media
Plan of the expansion of Social Media community around the company
Creation of social media profile with individual adress registation
Design and functional settings
One-time fee (net)170 €170 €170 €
SOCIAL MEDIA – casualminiPROoptiPROmaxiPRO
Content creation and publishing
Number of publications per week357
On-line Post Schedule
Dedicated graphics
Profile moderation
Profile monitoring
Responding to comments and communication stimulation
Profiles interactions
Additional activities
Advertising campaigns
Implemetation, configuration and operating of additional apps
Integration of Social Media profiles with Website
Monthly report
Weekly report
Monthly fee (net)200 €300 €400 €

Additional info:Advertising budget is determined individually, according to customer needs and functionality of service.Choosing more than one profile, we offer you a discount of 10 – 50%, (depending on the number of additional profiles)

Contact with our
Social Media Expert and
get a profile tailored
to your needs.

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