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Reputation ManagementImage building and brand protection on the Internet

Studies carried out in the area of the preferences and behavior of Internet users in the world should trigger/bring a warning signal in the majority of companies in Poland. Most of all, when there are few reviews of the company over the Internet, and the image/ reputation of the brand is doing well. The phenomenon of reviews on the internet is comparable to/ like a tsunami – quantity and dynamics of its arrival seem to be unstoppable wave. Due to results of researches find, perception of some reviews, their language, and the importance of mentioned issues may cause similar damage to the company as seemingly calm ocean. Untruth reviews, violation of law or good morals are some of the consequences of this phenomenon. These should be prevented by managing corporate image – monitoring, changing, creating and protecting the brand and its reputation.

✔ 80% of Internet users check the opinions/ reviews about person or company with whom they plan establish a cooperation. 

✔ 70% of Internet users trust in/ believe in recommendations of other, unknown people/ strangers . The effect is reinforced by mutual friends.

✔ 75% of users say that will not cooporate with the company with a bad reputation, negative reviews on the Internet.

✔ 80% of users believe in the results of Google and that it reflects/show the actual situation on the market / in the industry.

How to start managing company reputation on the Internet?

On a scale/size of the Internet even the largest company is only a small boat on the ocean. Its captain will not break the wave itself, but can properly put the sails to the wind and catch the wave. In contrast to the tsunami, the phenomenon of reviews on the internet is a long-term one. It is great to heave a good navigator next to you, and developed with him plans and procedures in hands. It is extremely important to be systematic, consistent and have a good knowledge of the law.

With BrandPRO the process of restoring the company helm of opinions on the internet starts with a solid/ tough audit of reputation. This study takes into state of the company, its brands, enterpreneurs and employees reputation on the Internet. For a better, broader perspective you receive a summary of opinions divided into: addressees, characteristics (positive / negative / neutral), type and content.

Final document of reputation strategy contains a summary of the audit, the standards of the desired opinion and identify concrete actions to be taken in order to improve and create a positive image of the company on the Internet.

Possibilities of reputation managing in cooperation with BrandPRO

1. Brand Monitoring

  • (Ongoing) analysis of the phrases associated with the brand, offer and employees of the company
  • Recorded events and trends recommendations
  • Access to the analyzed reviews in on-line catalog

2. Online reputation protection

  • Responding to negative reviews on the Internet
  • Consultation with the administrators of web sites containing opinions
  • Legal consultations and coordination of the work of the law firm przedsądownego stage, the arbitration proceedings
  • Analysis of the origin of the negative reviews

3. Reputation creation 

  • Creating reviews on the internet by stimulating and controlling discussions on key industry and business forums and portals
  • Context constructing for positive discussion about the brand,its strengths and variability
  • Reputation building of employees and directly of the company by providing answers to substantive questions in the forums regarding the services covered by the company’s offer
  • Conscious context creation allows acquiring new customers
  • Support of BrandPRO consultants who will be taking over communication with stakeholders and if possible open/start the sales process / recruitment

What do you get?Accurate, latest and clear knowledge about reviews of the company and brand on the Internet
Reviews not compliant with law&regulations of websites are deleted
Discussion in key places on the Internet creates the opportunity to show the company, its employees and services from the positive side
You use the presence on the forums and portals as advantage; your company moves from defense to offense
You support SEO thanks to browser friendly posts
You are ready for a possible competitors attack or the possibility of reputation crisis from the customer – you get a ready potential and proven processes to respond quickly
A positive “noise” is created around the brand, which has a good effect on both customers and employees

Reputation audit
Analysis75 €110 €140 €
Reputation management strategy
Consultations with representatives of the company140 €190 €260 €
Models of opinion
Reputation strategy document
One-time fee (in packet)200 €200 €200 €
On-line monitoring75 €105 €140 €
Archive of posts
Reputation protection
Współpraca z wydawcami75 €105 €140 €
Removing search results75 €105 €140 €
Legal helpaccording to the demand
Reputation creation
Brand support105 €170 €200 €
Sale support
Recruitment support
SEO support
Monthly fee (in packet)295 €415 €525 €


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