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Why do we specialize in branding and rebranding?

BrandPRO team faces challenges which sagnificantly contribute to your company success. With rich marketing experience, we concentrate all our activities and operations on achieving your business goals – on your brand.

Cooperation with BrandPRO guarantees an access to experts, market data, strategic studies, distinctive graphics creation and e-marketing tools. With such support your brand has a real chance to be the brightest pointof your business.

How do we deliver the unique value?

While creating the brand we focus on both – strategic and operational objectives set by the company. The strategy, model and business processes condensed in the brand affect the interior part of the company, and the surroundings by linguistic, visual and functional elements of the brand – name, slogan, logo, identification, promotional video and website.

The brand is heading in a certain direction due to its reputation impact, emotions which arouses and reactions it generates. In BrandPRO we focus on brand which is the essence of operations, a way of looking at marketing, sales support and value delivered to the customer. To ensure the visible effectiveness, we work on measurable, objective criteria, such as the reach and brand image. We start wach process of branding / rebranding from the consultation, analysis and strategic objectives..

What effect do we provide?

We offer branding packages to ensure a broad support in the creation of a brand image and sales support. Offers tailored to the needs and size of companies, provide detailed information about effects, work progress, deadlines and costs.

This allows our experts to focus on building strong brands by simplifying and shortening the process of creating the brand. That’s why BrandPRO services have both quality and attractive price.
Packages of our services are also created to meet diversity of companies’ needs and specifics of brands from various industries.
Regardless of the branding advancement level in the field, we will choose a package that will bring as much benefits to your brand as possible.

Who are we and why are we going to create a successful brand for your company?

High quality Branding on a high level is an ability to use and combine expertise from various sphere. It is a process that requires specific knowledge of your industry, marketing, design, web analytics, neurolinguistics, sociology, psychology, business and management.

To guarantee spectacular results of branding and rebranding service, we work with the best developers, graphic designers, journalists and experts in intellectual property rights. In pursuit of a common goal, we create advanced solutions for your brand. Each specialist individually and all together work on the success of your brand. Our recipe for high level branding is a strategic brilliance, multidisciplinary competence of the team and the best partners in the industry.

Meet our team, read our articles and work with us!

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